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The Only Flat-Fee Exclusive Buyer’s Agency in the Country!

HelpUBuy America currently serves homebuyers in Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston. We have been protecting the rights of Texas homebuyers at no additional cost since 1995. Our job is to help you find and buy the home of your choice at the lowest possible price and with the best terms. We have a stellar reputation with the Better Business Bureau, the Texas Real Estate Commission, the National Association of Realtors, the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents, and Consumer Advocates in American Real Estate. In addition, HelpUBuy America has been named the best  buyer’s agency in Texas in 2015, 2016, and 2017 by Wealth and Financial International Magazine.

Flat-Fee or Full Service Pricing

From our perspective, it’s the same amount of work to help you buy a $250,000 house as it is to buy an $800,000 house. It’s a LOT more work, however, to show you dozens of houses, write multiple offers, or to help you buy a short sale, FSBO, foreclosure, or to help you build a home from the ground up. With all this in mind, HelpUBuy America offers two pricing programs to serve your home buying needs.


Flat-Fee Program

If you’re the “do-it-yourself” type and are willing to do a lot of the house hunting legwork on your own, the flat-fee program is perfect for you. Instead of the customary 3% commission based on the sales price of a home, we charge an AVERAGE flat fee of $7,000 which is paid out of the seller’s proceeds at closing. Any excess commission and all bonuses are refunded at closing. To qualify, we will show you no more than 10 houses and make no more than 3 trips.

Often Preferred

Full Service Pricing

For our full-service clients, we do it all. We research and sometimes preview homes that suit your needs, and show you only the good ones. We handle negotiations and hold your hand from contract execution through closing. Our fee for this service is 3% of the sales price of the home, paid out of the seller’s proceeds at closing. All other terms mentioned above remain the same. Many of our buyers start as flat-fee buyers and then convert to full service. House hunting is time consuming and at times frustrating. Don’t be embarrassed to turn the whole thing over to us if you get frustrated.

No Contract

We don’t need to threaten our buyers to remain loyal to us. Our clients stay with us because we are great at our job! We know construction and can spot defects in a property before you waste money on a home inspection. We’ll teach you how to shop for the cheapest mortgage and make sure your lender doesn’t rip you off. We are expert negotiators and provide an unmatched level of service. Threatening to sue a buyer if they don’t use us to buy a house is just not the way we do business. If you don’t like us, you are free to walk away without any obligation or fear of retribution.

Free Service

Traditionally, real estate commissions are a seller’s expense. When a seller lists their home for sale with a real estate broker, they agree to pay that broker a fee to market and sell their home. When the broker inputs the listing into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), he or she agrees to share the commission with the agent who brings the buyer. Working with us costs you nothing and can save you thousands!

Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different than a discounter?

Discounters claim to do the same job for less money. They operate on a volume basis and, more often than not, perform low quality services that match their discount price. HelpUBuy agents don’t mind earning less money if we can do less work. You help with the ‘grunt’ work; we do the hard stuff and we reward you by sharing our commission. Reducing our work load allows us to represent more clients than we could otherwise manage.

Why 10 houses and 3 trips?

Experience has shown that about one in eight houses is a really good house. We round up to ten to give you a little wiggle room. Since we don’t want to take ten trips to show you ten houses, we limit our trips to three. Trips for a second look after you have an executed contract and for your final walk-thru are not included in the three trip limit.

What if I already picked out a house?

Contact us about transactional services if you have already selected a home and just need us to write the offer, negotiate the deal, and manage the transaction.

what if i can't find a house in 10 showings?

No worries! If you are unable to purchase one of the first ten homes you view, you will automatically convert to the full service program. There are no trip or showing limits under the full service program; we are paid 3% of the sales price of the home out of the seller’s proceeds at closing.

how will I receive my rebate?

Rebates can be distributed in a variety of ways, the best way being a Realtor contribution toward your closing costs and/or prepaids. You cannot use your rebate as part of your down payment. We disclose all rebates to your lender and fully comply with all RESPA/TREC procedures and we’re not going to help you commit loan fraud. Rebates are perfectly legal; you can read more about real estate rebates on the US Department of Justice website.



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